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Me, Asty, Jihan

Me, Decin, and Astrini

I have these girls as my best best best friends! I am so happy! even happier than happy! Asty, Jihan, Astrini, and Decin. Asty and I have been friends since junior high school. I met Jihan when I was in senior high school. Astrini and Decin? We are classmates!

Asty and Jihan. They are silly as 'duck'! They are the only ones that let me use my super-annoying-childish voice. Whenever I have problems, I will tell them then I can cry out loud until I feel better.

Astrini. I had ever lived with her for 1,5 year. Well, yes we ever got mad at each other but in the end we would be good! She is the one who will laugh whenever I tell her my stories, in a good way. Then I will also laugh whenever I tell her my stories. It makes me feel like "we are laughing about it now, so everything will be alright"

Decin. ah! The fabulous one!! We like to tease each other. There are times we are being silly and having some laughs for no reason. I rarely tell her my stories. Somehow she makes me forget about the bad things that just happened to me. When we meet, we have fun, then I forget about my problems.

It's really nice to have them as my best best best best friends. What am I without all of you?
much loves

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  1. I love you Wahy! Anyway remind me again where we took that picture.

    1. It was last year. We went to MM, eating bakmi GM, remember?