Pok Tunggal Beach

by - 7:02 AM

Last week my brother and his girlfriend visited Yogyakarta. His girlfriend wanted to visit one of the beaches in Gunung Kidul, then we decided to go to Pok Tunggal Beach. My boyfriend also came along with us. He was the one who knew the way to go there.

Thank God, that day the sun was shining so bright! It was such a perfect day for visiting beach. As we have known that we can’t swim at beaches in Yogyakarta because the waves are not friendly. Actually we still can play in the water, but for some reasons we decided not to.

No, we’re not planning to get a sun tanned, we don’t want to get burn either, so we rent one umbrella for Rp 20.000. My brother and his girlfriend were too tired to look around, they just laid down on the mat. My boyfriend and I thought we need to explore this beach since it took 2 hours from my place to this beach. So we went up to the hill. It was a bit tiring because the path was steep. You need to be careful at there. When we reached the top of the hill (I meant where the path ends) the view was breath taking.  The view, the wind, the sound of the waves, everything is just amazing. 

We stayed there for some moments then went back to my brother, telling them that they had to go there and enjoy the view and they did! Ah, remembering this makes me wanna go to the beach again.

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