See You When I See You!

by - 1:01 AM

 I finally got the chance to introduce you to my mother. I remember how happy she was. When I walked into her room, she gave me a big smile and came to me giving me hug. You came inside after me, then I introduced you to my mother.
"Mom it's Adi my boyfriend", I said.
"He's great dek*, he's great", she said.
 I was so happy at that time, even right now I am still happy. For some uncertain reasons we didn't talk too much, even though I had loads of stories I wanted to share with her, just like the old times.
 I waited while you're praying. I felt like that was my last chance to get a hug form you, since I didn't know when we'd meet again. Sadly, before I got the chance to hug you, I woke up.
 That Saturday-morning-dream really made my day! and my weekend!
 See you when I see you in another dream ma!

 *p.s. My family calls me adek or dek. it's a term for the younger.

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