Put The Damn Phone Down

by - 9:19 PM

 My friend told me that I am very strict for some points. Knocking the door before coming in for example. I think can't-take-your-eyes-off-the-damn-phone-when-you’re-with-your-friends also something I can’t tolerate.

 I am getting sick with people being busy with their stupid phone. I know how that ‘stupid’ phone makes our life easier, but I wish those ‘stupid’ phone wasn’t exist.

 I’ve had my ex was really busy with his phone like the whoooooolllllleee time, and also my dad. We barely had the time to have a conversation, but he didn’t really give any shits when we finally got the time to talk. He wouldn’t take his eyes off his phone. And now you? (whoever you are, i don’t care you’re just a stranger or my friends or even my boyfriend). when you’re with me, you also busy with your phone? Well, f*ck you then!

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