Island Creamery - Summarecon Bekasi

by - 9:43 AM

Few weeks ago, my brother and his girlfriend, and I went to Sumarecon Bekasi. After watching movie and shopping, we went to Island creamery. I actually wanted to taste the ice cream, but then I bought Mini Baked Alaska (Rp 35.000). My brother's girlfriend bought chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream (Rp 35.000). My Brother bought apple pie with vanilla ice cream (Rp 40.000).

Mini Baked Alaska which I ordered has very berry ice cream in it. Actually the ice cream taste sooo good! but the meringue was too sweet, I couldn't taste the ice cream anymore.

Chocolate Lava Cake was so good! I think for you who loves chocolate and sweet, you need to try chocolate lava cake! When you cut it the chocolate will start flowing out. It makes me oh-so-happy just by seeing it.

The Apple Pie for me wasn't really good. The crust was too soft, and the apple filling was plain. I expected to taste apple sour-sweetness or cinnamon, but I couldn't find both. Eating it with ice cream still couldn't help the taste for me.

I actually love being there. I love the atmosphere. The place is small, which I assumed that was why it was not that noisy (which is good!). The musics which they played also good. It's a great place to hang out. The severs also friendly and helpful when I asked them about the menu. Sadly we didn't order any savory menu.

p.s. for you who doesn't know, I don't like to hang out in a noisy place, because it gives me a hard time to communicate with others

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