Will I?

by - 6:41 AM

one day, I have ever questioned myself
"Will I love my own kid?"
I can say that I was not really into kids
There were times I just didn't like them
Whether they were nice or annoying
but then I realized
I love my cat, I really really love my cat
so I know when the time has come I will love my kids

I also ever have a doubt in myself
"Will i be a good wife?"
People around me have already known that I am such a lazy person
and just an hour ago, that doubt disappear
I know that one day i will be a good wife
I remember the day when my mom at work, my maid wasn't at home
I cleaned the house by myself
I washed the dishes
I even did the laundry! (geez)
I never done the laundry anymore anyway, I am too lazy now, but I at least I know that I can

p.s. sorry for the silly thoughts

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