A Broken Hearted Post

by - 6:06 AM

It feels like the person you loved has mysteriously transformed into someone you don't even recognize. Like your significant other has died and been replaced by some cruel person who has done irreparable harm to your heart. They're a stranger now.. or worse, they treat you like one.


Just when you think that your heart has finally ossified into an impenetrable, love-proof-fortress that dedicates every effort to our the office or the gym.. a new pair of eyes, a new voice, a new person you have to talk to before you go to bed every night, a bright new ember in your heart that grows and burns and catches fire.

Yet, cynics, you will be vulnerable again. You will risk your heart again. You will be hurt again. You will find your heart broken again.

but you will also love and be loved again and again

source aplus.com

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