East Java - Bali Roadtrip (ending)

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Day 5
No! I didn’t want to check out from Pondok Umalas but we ran out of money so we need to check out that afternoon L.
I finally met his sister and his cousin. They both were so cute!! His cousin was having her 19th birthday so we bought her a cake at the harvest. Everybody has already known that their cake are so good right?

After visiting his family, we decided to extend our vacation. We want to spend one more day at Seminyak. Since we were driving our car, it was a bit difficult for us finding a place, which has a parking lot, to stay. We didn’t do anything special at there, just wandering around, going to Kuta Beach, that’s all.

Leaving Bali :(

The sunset we enjoyed in the ferry

Day 6

Kawah Ijen
We left Bali and went straight to Kawah Ijen! As usual we use google map to lead us going there. At first it was normal then an hour later, the road was getting worse and worse. It was really dark because there were no street light. There were a lot of big rocks on the road, poor poppy L. On our way back from Ijen, we found out that google map showed us a shorter way but the worst way ever. Actually if you follow the sign and follow the road, my experience will not happen to you.

Kawah Ijen’s sky was so great! There were full of stars, I couldn’t stop saying “whoa” and couldn’t keep my head to stay inside the car. It was so cold at night though. Make sure to bring a thick jacket, gloves, something to cover your head or ears and a proper shoes. The wind also blow badly.

We catched for a quick sleep before going to the top of Ijen. At 2 A.M we woke up, got ready, then bought the ticket. We need to pay Rp 5.000/person and Rp 10.000 for a car. We need 3 hours of normal walking to reach the top of Ijen.

At the top of Ijen the wind blow worse, as there were no tree to block the wind. We went down to see the blue fire clearer, however we couldn’t see it well because of the fog. We stayed there to catch our breath. Before we catch our breath, the scent of sulfur hit our nose, we couldn’t breath well! Boyfriend and I immedately went up again. I was a bit afraid at there. But somehow human’s ability in an urgent situation can blow my mind. I went straight up just took less than 30 minutes, but it took more than 1 hour for us to go down hahaha.

On the top of Ijen we enjoy the sunrise. It was so great! It was worth the pain.

The best pic of blue fire we could get  :(((

 Remember when I told you the wind blew really badly?

On our way from Ijen to Baluran

p.s. my suggestions are
1. Make sure you work out a bit before going to Ijen, like 15-30 minute jogging everyday for a week, will be helpful. You will thank me later.
2. Bring enough drink and chocolate on your way to the top of Ijen, I felt better after chewing some chocolate on my way to the top.
3. Do not go to the top of Ijen too early, you won’t want to wait to see the sunrise, on the top of Ijen when the wind blows badly.

Taman Nasional Baluran
After visiting Kawah Ijen, we went to Taman Nasional Baluran.

Taman Nasional Baluran opens from 8 am to 4 pm. After 4 pm they will not allow you to come inside, because the ticket stall will be closed. The ticket price only Rp 5.000/person and Rp 10.000 for a car.

On our way to Savanna Bekol, we saw two foreigners walking. I remember that day the sun was shining too brightly! We felt sorry for those foreigners, so we asked them whether they wanted to join us or not, and they said yes. So we got accompany for this trip, they were Clara and Vero. They told us they already walked for 2 hours! I couldn’t imagine the torture.

After one hour (or so) of driving, we finally arrived at Savanna Bekol. We wanted to buy a drink at there, but there were no drink stalls at there. We took a few pictures then continued our journey to Pantai Bama. It didn’t take a long time to reach Pantai Bama.
There was a canteen at Pantai Bama, we catched a break bought some ice tea and had short conversations before exploring Pantai Bama. We wished, we could have swum, but there were too many monkeys at there. We were a bit afraid the monkey would attack us, luckily it didn’t happen.

Clara and Vero wanted to have lunch, but boyfriend and I haven’t felt hungry, so we just stayed at the beach. As I remember boyfriend and I fell asleep for 30 minutes, then Vero and Clara came. Then we explored mangrove forest. Boyfriend and I were a bit dissapointed, because there weren’t much to explore at Pantai Bama.

Anyway we back to Savanna Bekol, we went to the view spot. It was so beautiful up there, We stayed there for an hour, just watching the view. I was right there with my boyfriend, meeting new friends, enjoying the beautiful view, feeling the wind. I could say it was a beautiful moment to end my road trip.

Savana Bekol

I saw you monkey!

The Mangrove Forest

p.s. People said it’s better to visit Taman Nasional Baluran in dry season, so you will know why they say it’s Africa of Java. They also said the animals will go out from the forest to look for water.

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