East Java - Bali Roadtrip (part 4)

by - 10:12 AM

Day 4
I think it becomes a habit, that we always check out, a minute right before the check out time. Though we had planned to check out at 9 am or 10 am, but we would check out at 11.30am. This hotel was too great to be left early anyway.

Today boyfriend had a plan to visit his little sister and his cousin at Denpasar then go to Pantai Suluban. To be honest I was a bit nervous to meet his family. Just kidding! I am not nervous, ha! I am so fucking nervous! I kept thinking “I am so dead!”

Befor going to his sister place we check in at Pondok Umalas. That place was a-ma-zing! I wish I could just stay at there all day long. Anyway I couldn’t, We have somewhere else to go. Before going to Pantai Suluban, we wanted to pick up his sister and his cousin first, then they texted him saying he couldn’t come with us because they need somewhere else to go. Then we went to Pantai Suluban.

It was so hot at the beach! The only shady place is the cave and it was already taken by people, so we let our skin getting darker. It’s a vacation anyway! Oh, maybe if you go to right side of the beach, you can find another shady places. Some people also had another fun by surfing from this side. Or if you just want to enjoy the sunset, you can hang out at the bar.

In the night, boyfriend and I decided to enjoy the villa. Anyway, he was more interested to watch the tv for the politic news, which was important at that time, rather than went out. We ordered our food at La Casetta. We knew this restaurant because they have La Casetta's menu in the vila. We ordered ravioli ricotta e spinaci and gnocchi ala genovese. It didn't take a long time for them to deliver our foods. Thank God they also came in big portion. I really love my gnocchi ala genovese!! Since I am not really a big fan of fresh tomato taste, I didn't really fancy the ravioli ricotta e spinaci.

 Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci & Gnocchi ala Genovese

p.s. if you enter “blue point beach” on google map, you will enter the beach from Blue Point Resort, and you will pass a lot of cafes and souvenir stalls, if you enter “pantai suluban” on google map, you won’t find any cafe to go there. It’s just stairs and stairs and stairs and trees. It’s more quite.

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