East Java - Bali Roadtrip (part 2)

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Day 2
We finally arrived at Bali around 12 am. We have no idea where should we stay! We didn’t plan anything for this. Then we decided to go to the North Area of Bali to find a place to stay. It was a bit difficult to find a place to stay because it was really late, and everyone has slept already. After 2 pm we finally found a place near Lovina Beach. We called the guest house keeper, and thank God he woke up (We were really sorry for bothering your sleep, but we need to have a sleep either).

The room was fine. The guest house was sea side, but we couldn’t really see what was outside, since it was 2 in the morning. When we finally woke up after a long sleep, the view from the guest house is beautiful!! The guest house itself was really beautiful. Although I got a backache because the bed was a bit hard, anyway it’s worth the price. (I couldn’t remember what the guesthouse’s name, sorry)

Campuhan Waterfall
We checked out at 12 pm. We went to Campuhan Waterfall, which is located in Buleleng. It wasn’t really hard to find this waterfall, since the sign can be seen from the street. As like any other waterfall, we need a long long loooong way to walk before enjoying the waterfall. Just kidding, we only need 15-30 minutes to reach the waterfall. Since it’s located up on the hill, we also enjoyed the amazing view during walking. We were actually already starving, but we couldn’t find a stall which sells food. They only sell souvenirs and drinks. We don’t need drink since we can drink water from the waterfall. We need fooodddd!

Anyway we finally reached the waterfall. The waterfall was oh-my-so-be-a-u-tiful!! Masya Allah. I couldn’t even get over it until now. We also couldn’t help our self not to get wet. We swam in the waterfall! Somehow I was afraid to get drowned if I swam further, since my feet couldn’t feel the bottom, so I just swam across the edge.

We also couldn’t find a place for changing our clothes. Actually there are some toilets at there, but that day the toilets are locked, so we just changing our clothes in the car.
Ticket price: Rp 20.000/person

Aling-Aling Waterfall
After going to Campuhan Waterfall, we wanted to go to Aling-Aling waterfall. We should have gone to Aling-aling waterfall first, because we passed this waterfall before going to Campuhan Watefall. It’s located in Bulalang, Sambangan Village. Anyway, we finally found a stall which sells food before going to Aling-Aling Watefall. We met a nice guy whom explained us what we could do at there.There are some waterfalls besides Aling-aling waterfall. He also said that we couldn’t go to Aling-aling waterfall by ourself, we need a guide who would show us the way to go to those waterfalls and he offered us to be our guide. We thought we could do just fine, so we said that we were fine. 

After eating we continued going to Aling-Aling Waterfall. We finally arrived at Aling-aling Waterfall parking area. There are some foreigners who also want to visit aling-aling waterfall. There are a lot of local guys at there kind of hanging out or ‘working’, not really sure. One of them approached the foreigners, when no one is approaching us ._. . 

We went to them asking how we could go to Aling-Aling Waterfall, they started explaining like the 1st guy we met on the stall. Then when we asked how much we need to pay for their service, he said amount of price which made us thinking for a loooong time. The price was much higher than the 1st guy had offered us. It was 2 or 3 pm, which means we didn’t have enough time to really enjoy all of the waterfalls before dark came. It would be such a waste if we pay high amount but we couldn’t really enjoy all of them. We saw the foreigners left, then we had this thought “If the foreigners mind to pay, then so are we” (you know that dollar is higher than rupiah. foreigner has dollar, we have rupiah = foreigner has more money than us. Someone who has more money mind to pay that much, what about us who have less money). Or maybe foreigner also has to pay higher than us.
I was super duper uber saaaaaad ~

Before going to Aling-Aling Waterfall || After 'going' to Aling Aling waterfall

Somehow we decided to go to Ubud. We don’t know what to do at Ubud, but we just went to ubud and stayed over at there. At 7 pm we arrived at Ubud. We stayed at Pondok Kecil Bungalow. It was another nice place! It was really close to Monkey Forest Street. Only 15 minutes walk to reach Monkey Forest Street. However it was close to the center of Ubud, it wasn’t noisy at Pondok Kecil Bungalow. The owner also really nice to us, her dog also really cute! At first it was a bit difficult for us to find a place to park our car, but then we just parked our car outside the alley, on the street.

At night we went to Monkey Forest Street to see what are up at there. There are so many stores selling everyhing at there, clothes, jewelleries, foods, etc. We stopped by at KOU Cuisine. They sell jams, Kusamba sea salt, Jenggala and Ate Table Ware. After tasting the tester we finally decided to buy Milk Caramel Jam. It was really good! The fruit jams also taste fresh, they’re just so great! We also found many good cafes and restaurants at there. It was around 8 pm but some stores were already closed. Then we just walk around Monkey Forest Street, exploring the street.

 The Display

The Famous Milk Caramel Jam
to be continued

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