East Java - Bali Roadtrip (part 3)

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Day 3
We had our breakfast at 9 am, boyfriend loved the omelette which the owner made for our breakfast. Then we checked out at 11 am, going to another places.

Antonio Blanco Museum
 Boyfriend really really wanted to go to Antonio Blanco Museum, so we went there. It took less than 30 minutes for us to reach Antonio Blanco Museum (The only thing that kept us were the traffic). We parked our car then bought the ticket. The ticket cost Rp 30.000/person, with that price we also got welcome drinks which we could get at the restaurant later. There’s a little bird park inside the museum, before going into the museum we had some fun with the birds. One of the staffs came to us, offering to take our picture with the birds. He also helped moving the birds to our hands and our shoulders. After having some fun with the birds, we stopped for a while to enjoy the scenery because the park and the entering gate were so beautiful!

The Small Bird Park at Antonio Blanco Museum

Before entering the building the staffs told us not to take picture inside the building, so we didn’t take any picture inside the building. I am not a biggest fan of paintings, so I wouldn’t make any comments about it. Just go there and find out by yourself. It was such a hot morning, after enjoying the paintings, we went to the restaurant to get the welcome drinks. The drinks taste so good! It’s a traditional drink which were so refreshing. The view from the restaurant also great. We had enough fun at Antonio Blanco Museum, it’s time to get another fun at another place!

The refreshing drinks I've told you

Taman Tirta Gangga
Next stop was Taman Tirta Gangga. It took 2 hours to reach Taman Tirta Gangga. Actually we wanted to go to Taman Ujung Soekada first, but we couldn’t find the way to go there (yet). Luckily, we could find Taman Tirta Gangga really easily. There’s a big sign for it. We only need to pay Rp 20.000/person.

It was another hot day. Then we saw a lot of water. We felt like jumping into the water. After enjoying the scenery, we walked around the area and found a pool! A local pool! I meant everyone can jump into the pool. It’s not free though. But we wish we brought extra clothes, we really wanted to have a swim at there!

After a long tiring walk and running (We took pictures of us with self-timer, you know the pain right?), we had our lunch outside the park. It was a small restaurant, it was fine and not expensive. My boyfriend ordered the fish green curry, it was great! What I ordered wasn’t so great , I end up stealing his food all the time.

Taman Ujung Soekada
We  asked google map for the direction to go there. I think google map kind of having fun playing us around. Sometimes it showed we need to take a turn to a really small alley, we weren’t sure if the car could fit the alley. Then we gave up, we followed what google map told us. The alley fit our car PERFECTLY! Damn! Thanks google! (It’s a sarcasm if you don’t get it). Then we asked an old man, was it the right way or not, he told us to keep going, we would find a bigger street later. Turn out, we could find a better way to go there. There’s a big street that could fit two cars!! Why google? Why didn’t you show us that waaayy? We didn’t really trust google map since then ._.

We finally reach Taman Ujung Soekada. It was really really beautiful. You would find two lakes inside the park and there’s a building in the middle of the lake. It just make me so happy being there. There are another building up on the hills. From  top of the hill you could see the beach but to go to the top of the hill really need extra stamina, no kidding, especially in a sunny day. I think we spent our energy at the jokes we threw, so we laughed along the way we hiked up. Lesson learned, don’t make fun of another when you’re hiking. There’s no energy left after wandering around Taman Ujung Soekada. 

 The South View

 The West View

 The North View

The Bridge Above The Lake

We decided to stay at Candidasa. There is this hotel, The Natiaa Seaside Hotel which is awesome! They have infinite pool which are so great to enjoy the sunset. The room, the bathroom, the service were great! The price wasn’t that expensive either. I would definitely come back there.

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